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  It's said that the Pine family (early descendants of our beloved founders), were avid opera fans, and that among Pine Brothers' early users were opera singers and musical theater performers, who enjoyed the soothing effects of our throat drops. And in that spirit -and being opera fans ourselves- we've decided to throw opera singers a bone, or more specifically a package of Pine Brothers 'Softish' Throat Drops. One per year, to professional and active opera singers only. (Sorry, all you talented amateurs, but we had to draw the line somewhere given our relatively modest size.) The soothing relief in our delicious drops will help to soothe the throats of these gifted performers, just as they've helped millions of American families since 1870.

So whether you're a Diva, Prima Donna, or Comprimario, have some Pine Brothers on the house! And after you've tried them, here's hoping you'll shout 'Bravo, Pine Brothers!'

Our Top 5 Operas!
Porgy and Bess
La Boheme
The Marriage of Figaro
Madam Butterfly


How to Qualify:

Please send us your name, home address, union affiliation, and current opera company. If you'd like us to post a photo, or better yet, a :30 spot of you performing, send it along, and maybe we'll post it. Your name and information will never be used for any other reason.

-Only one free package of Pine Brothers per name and address per year.
-Only available to active professional Opera performers residing in the 50 U.S. states.
-Performers will be sent 1 puck sized Cherry or Honey package depending upon availability. Offer may be curtailed at any time and at our discretion.

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